About The Hof

The Hof is primarily a laboratory playground for sustainable living as well as a hostel for trekkers.  Set high up in the Cordillera Blanca of the Andes, we are nestled up against the border of Huascaran National Park.

Originally built as a base camp for climbers, we continue to welcome and cater to these folks.  We offer storage for those who wish to disappear for days or weeks, while setting up simple comforts for those who just wish to get away for a day hike.

The Hof also hosts the Ka’Way Monti School for Sustainability teaching natural building & permaculture courses to international students and locals together, and summer school courses for the local children.  Through these types of projects we are always exploring more ways to live sustainably.

With Peru as a developing nation it faces the choice of a new path on how to develop.  At present, the only clearly visible path to follow is the way of the Western world that’s failing.  Our intention at The Hof is to promote a healthy understanding and interchange of ideas between our growing visions of sustainability and their Andean heritage.

“Work smarter, not harder.”

- Scrooge McDuck