After years of drifting around in a backpack finding the best little nooks, deals, and fun places to recline, we’ve done our best to fit ourselves into that little list of affordable paradises.

Whether you’re in a private room, dorm, or camping out, all of our prices include a breakfast of either eggs & toast, fruit salad, or oatmeal, with coffee or tea.  Lunch (S/.15) and dinner (S/.20) are mostly vegetarian fare, and dinners are served family style over candle light.  Lunch is always a 2 course meal and dinner always 3 courses.  Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs.

We’ve equipped all the rooms with very warm down comforters and hot showers.  Towels are also provided.

openingCamping – S/.15/person – All around The Hof we have plenty of spaces for tent and truck campers with scenic views overlooking the pampa below and the white peaks of the Cordillera Blanca close enough to almost touch.  There are also several trees running just close enough along the canal to string up for hammock camping.  For S/.15, you can camp and breakfast is included.

Tent rentals – S/.10 – For those looking to camp or head off trekking over night, but don’t have tents, we’re more than happy to rent some of ours out.  For sleeping bags with pads it is an additional S/.5 per person.

dormshelvesCasa del Sol – S/.30/person – This is our dorm room of five beds.  Two bunk beds and one single. We strive for comfort and affordability with comfy duvets, warm showers, as well as drawers under the beds and shelves for storage of all your things.

Julia's roomCasa de Zeo – S/.100 - If traveling as a family, a couple looking for more privacy than a dorm, or just needing space for yourself we have a cabin reserved for just such a thing.  For families with two kids this is ideal, as it features a bunk bed with the bottom bunk as a queen sized bed for ma and pa.  The top bunk is a single along with a third bed on its own that is also a single, but could be shared by two toddlers if need be.  The bathroom is also in the room with a hot shower.

IMG_3068Casa de La Luna – S/.120 - This is a particularly nice room for couples as it has one queen sized bed, its own bathroom with hot shower, and a cob built rocket mass heater to keep the room cozy.  There is a desk inside, for those who wish to retreat to a mountain cabin and work on some writing, and is in general a much more homey feel all around.

IMG_3081Hilario’s House – S/.30 - Hilario is a local friend of ours down in the village of Llupa. He has two spare rooms that he has very comfortably fixed up for travelers looking to stay mid-way between the mountain trails and Huaraz, or perhaps are looking to stay with a Quechua family. There is a bathroom, with hot shower, just for the guests and breakfast is included. All meals are priced the same as at The Hof.  Location details are specified in the Location section.

IMG_3083Walk-ins are welcome, but be forewarned that we have limited spacing so reservations are encouraged.