Volunteer Program

At Ka’Way Monti School for Sustainability

We have many projects underway, and are always looking for volunteers and helping hands. You would be doing a wide range of things, including some of the following:

  • Greenhouse construction
  • Various aspects of building with natural & re-purposed materials
  • Making raised beds
  • Making compost tea
  • Maintaining composting toilet
  • General gardening, looking after plants/planting/harvesting (depending on season)
  • General upkeep – composting, etc

Work Agreement We ask for a minimum of 24 hours of work per week in exchange for a discounted rate to stay. It is equivalent to 4 hours 6 days a week, 8 hours 3 days a week, etc., but you can divide the hours as you wish. This allows flexibility for rainy days, hikes, trips to town etc. Working a 24 hour week, we ask for S/.25 per day to cover food costs. This includes 3 delicious meals a day (mostly vegetarian) and when beds are open in the dorm you’re more than welcome to one included in that cost.  If we are full, we ask that you camp until a bed opens up again and if you don’t have your own gear we can lend you some; all included in the S/.25.  The normal value of camping with all meals is S/.50; S/.65 if staying in the dorm. If you plan on staying for 3 weeks or more, we first have a trial period of a week, to ensure you’re self-motivated, naturally hard-working and not annoying.

Aspired Qualities There are certain qualities that we aspire for both in ourselves, and in our volunteers:

  • Be self-motivated and pro-active.
  • If you see something that needs doing, don’t delay! There’s no time like the present.
  • Always do the best you can: Strive for excellence and 100% effort.
  • Be mindful and conscientious: Help wherever you can. Don’t lie back & let others do the work.
  • Find your true passion or vocation, and see how you can fit this into your role here, and the needs of the whole.
  • Cooperate: Be a good team player.
  • Be open, communicative, and truthful: If you see room for improvement, talk about it. If you need help or direction, just ask.
  • Approach your work with an attitude of selfless service to the common good.

In short, we too are backpackers who have come to stay here and have this place and are doing our best to make a place we ourselves would stay at and reminisce over once we returned to our daily life.  We just didn’t return to our daily life. To apply for volunteering, please contact us at kawaymonti@gmail.com. Looking forwards to hearing from you and meeting more like-minded people!